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Printing Facts – Direct Mail

by clint on November 23, 2012

Some important facts about direct mail.  Did you know?

  • 85% of consumers sort through and read selected pieces of mail every day. (Research by Mail Print)
  • 40% of consumers say that they have tried a new business after receiving direct mail. (Research by Mail Print)
  • 73% of consumers prefer mail for receiving new product announcements or offers from companies they do business with as compared to 18% from email. (International Communications Research survey)
  • 76% of small businesses state that their ideal marketing mix is a combination of print and digital communications. (Pitney Bowes Survey/Chose Print)
  • A catalog lead costs $47.61 while email comes in at $53.85 per lead, and, what is more, the response rate to direct mail has consistently been three times higher than email. (DMA 2011 Statistical Fact Book)
  • Nearly 90% of consumers say they want to receive sales and promotions via direct mail and find offers in the newspaper. (Nielsen research)

Direct mail is alive and well.  You may many to share these facts with your customers.

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