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Print Misconceptions

by clint on April 27, 2013

A common misconception regarding printing is that electronic communication is more environmentally friendly than print.  However, that’s not really the truth at all.  Take a look at some of these facts disputing this common misconception:

  1. In Europe and the U.S. around 60% of energy used to make paper comes from renewable sources. (Carbon & Energy Reduction, Print City 2010).
  2. Adverse health effects from producing an e-reader are 70 times worse than producing a book. (Daniel Goleman and Gregory Norris, “How Green Is My iPad,” The New York Times)
  3. COemissions from making a CD are 4 times higher than from printing a 100 page, 4-color annual report. (ED #13, Balance, New Page)
  4. Electronic devices typically require the mining and refining of dozens of minerals and metals, hydrocarbon solvents, and other non-renewable resources. 
  5. In 2008, Americans generated 3.16 million tons of electronic waste. (EPS, MSW 2008 data).
  6. Printing is the only medium with a one-time carbon footprint – all other media require energy every time they are viewed. (2010 PrintCity report on Carbon and Energy)

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