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Print by the Numbers

by clint on January 12, 2013

Would you be surprised to learn that Printing is America’s largest small manufacturing business? If so, take a look at these interesting facts.

  • According to recent data from the Printing Industries of America printing shipments in 2012 totaled $147.2 billion
  • There are more printing plants scattered throughout the United States than there are McDonald’s
  • There are printing plants located in every state and many cities across the country
  •  At the end of 2011 there were approximately 31,500 printing plants in the U.S. employing 850,000 employees
  • On average, each plant employed around 27 people with annual shipments of almost $5 million

We might be living in the digital age but the printing industry continues to have a large presence and a positive future.  Printing is one of America’s oldest manufacturing industries dating to before the Revolutionary War and although it looks quite different today it isn’t going away.

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