Polyester Plates

Polyester Plates

Ultima Polyester Plates

Our high quality polyester printing plates are single sheet, positive working offset plates, especially designed for exposure in imagesetters. The light sensitive layer is coated onto a polyester base and silver diffusion transfer generates the image, A press ready offset polyester plate is obtained after exposure, development and stabilization. These polyester plates are stable, easy to handle, durable and scratch resistant as well as providing exceptional performance on press. Try our polyester plates and take advantage of computer-to-plate without a significant investment.
100% Guaranteed for optimal performance or your money back.


  • Use in any imagesetter with a red laser diode, red LED, or Helium Neon laser
  • Wide exposure latitude
  • Long shelf life
  • Stable chemistry
  • Good chemistry lifetime
  • Very good press latitude
  • Stable during the run
  • Good run length
  • Available in 5 mil and 8 mil
  • Spec sheet

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5 mil polyester plates
Size (metric) Size (English) Price
25.4cm x 61M 10″ x 200′ $136.38
30.5cm x 61M 12″ x 200′ $163.66
33.8cm x 61M 13.3″ x 200′ $180.90
35.5cm x 61M 14″ x 200′ $189.98
46.0cm x 61M 18.1″ x 200′ $228.60

8 mil polyester plates
Size (metric) Size (English) Price
30.5cm x 45M 12″ x 150′ $137.68
33.8cm x 45M 13.3″ x 150′ $141.70
35.5cm x 45M 14″ x 150′ $160.40
46.0cm x 45M 18.1″ x 150′ $207.65