Laser Plates

eLe Laser Plates

eLe Laser Plates are a double-sided polyester plate that can be imaged on a laser printer and go direct to press.  eLe Laser Plates are a 100 micron polyester based computer-to-plate solution imageable on a laser printer and/or a laser toner based photocopier. Once the eLe Laser Plate is imaged using a laser printer it is ready to go to press without any processing!

The eLe4000 is a premium 4.0 mil double side coated polyester plate with run lengths up t0 10,000 impressions per side. Designed to work best with HP5000/5100 laser printers.  Packaged 100 plates per box

The eLeMXP is designed to provide maximum performance on modern high speed printers such as OKI C9650 color printer. Works with OKI,  Konica, Xerox, & more.  Advantages of MXP Laser Plates include significant improvements in printing solids, wider range of gray scale, increased highlight and shadow spectrum. An anti-grease layer prevents finger prints on the plates. Fine detail can be reproduced and held constant and cleaner with smoother looking halftones. Packaged 100 plates per box.


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