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Call us toll free at 866-895-4413.  We carry a complete line of the highest quality prepress and pressroom chemicals available in the graphic arts industry, but you'll be surprised by our fantastic prices. You will be able to save money on your prepress and pressroom chemistry but you will not have to sacrifice quality.

Whether you need plate developer and plate finisher, rapid access developer and rapid access fixer, blanket and roller wash, fountain solution or isopropyl alcohol we can help. Our prices are unbeatable! All of our chemistry products and solvents are 100% guaranteed for optimal performance .

If you really want to increase your savings call for drum pricing on isopropyl alcohol, fountain solution, blanket wash and roller wash.

Call Peerless Imaging at 866-895-4413 Friendly customer service available at 866-895-4413


Type Description Qty Price
TD100 Rapid Access Developer Economical rapid access developer for rapid access films and RC phototypesetting papers. Optimum results on all major brands of rapid access films. Designed for replenishment or batch processors. Dilute 4:1. 4 x 1 gallon $65.50
5 gallon $74.80
TD250 Rapid Access Developer Premium rapid access developer designed to give optimum results on all major brands of rapid access films and RC phototypesetting papers. Dilute 4:1. Hard Dot 2:1. 4 x 1 gallon $91.00
5 gallon $106.90
TF550 Film Fixer Premium and versatile rapid access fixer for all types of film and paper. Use with or without hardener, depending on film needs. Dilutes 4:1 or more! 4 x 1 gallon $45.00
5 gallon $55.80
UPD3001 Plate Developer Universal plate developer for use with all metal printing plates. 4 x 1 gallon $74.80
UPD3005 Plate Developer 5 gallon $90.85
SPD2001 Plate Developer Plate developer for use with AGFA and Ultima plates. A 2-in-1 plate developer and finisher (do not add additional finisher) 4 x 1 gallon $72.50
SPD2005 Plate Developer 5 gallon $88.50
SPF1001 Plate Finisher Protects the plate form scratches and gives longer shelf life to the plate. Works with most metal plates and can be used in any processor or manual application. RTU, replenish dilutes from 1:1 to 1:3. 4 x 1 gallon $49.00
SPF1005 Plate Finisher 5 gallon $59.00
MAQT Mitsubishi Activator 6 x 1 quart $42.75
MSQT Mitsubishi Stabilizer 6 x 1 quart $72.50

Ready-To-Use Activator
(local shipping to Northeast Ohio only)

4 x 1 gallon $28.50
SSRTU-1 Ready-To-Use Developer
(local shipping to Northeast Ohio only)
5 gallon $55.55

**We also carry a complete line of blanket wash, roller wash, fountain solution and isopropyl alcohol.  Call us toll free for fantastic prices and more information at 866-895-4413.  Purchase by the case or drum for even more savings.  All chemistry and pressroom solvents are 100% guaranteed for optimal performance!

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"I have been using Peerless Imaging Products for many years, I am a small customer, but I get big customer service, they know me, and the know what products I use. They always have what I need in stock, and have it ready for me same day, if I need it. I would recommend Peerless to anyone, their products are consistent, and I have never had any problems with any of their products."- Alan Tomko President J P Graphics Inc.

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